Manufacturing Dissent: When Revolutions are Sponsored by Wall Street

Global Research | 11 may 2016

“The objective of the alternative Left, as detailed by a number of media analysts and researchers, and in books on the subject … is keeping potential opposition in a perpetual state of weakness, living in a carefully-managed and neutered “counter/activist” subculture/life style in which followers can spend their lifetimes in intellectual servitude — told by their icons and media handlers what to believe and what to do, what issues are important, what issues to avoid, how to become wealthy within “socially responsible” capitalism, and which icons and idols to follow.”

-Larry Chin (2003) from the article MoveOn, Kucinich and other alternative Left election deceptions)



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Two weeks previous, the Global Research News Hour aired an interview with investigative journalist Cory Morningstar. In this interview, Morningstar outlined the way the mainstream environmental movement is being subverted through environmental non-governmental organizations which rely on funding from elite ‘philanthropic’ donors like the Rockefeller Foundation. The end result, she argues, is that the movements these foundations foster mis-direct the energies of well-meaning  people in a direction that protects and reinforces the wealth and privilege  of their sponsors at the expense of the natural world.

This week’s episode takes that concept even further by examining other forms of activism which draw funding from ‘benefactors’ with less than altruistic motives.

We start by looking at so-called ‘alternative’ or ‘independent’ media. Most people with any involvement in activist causes have some awareness of the role of mainstream, commercial media in distorting the news in order to build popular support for government initiatives, such as a war. It would never occur to some of these same people that non-commercial media likewise play a role in manipulating the people for the benefit of the 1%.

(This chart is over ten years old. Some of the amounts and associations may no longer be accurate.)

As our first guest, veteran journalist, broadcaster and media critic Barrie Zwicker details, the ‘fake’ left media excels in putting out just enough criticism of State and Corporate power to appear subversive, but not enough to actually threaten them. He sees the case of 9/11 Truth as a perfect measure by which one might distinguish between authentic dissident media, and the so-called ‘controlled opposition.’ Barrie Zwicker joins us in our first half hour.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky continues the discussion in the second half hour. He is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, a scholar and the award-winning author of eleven books including The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order (2003) and The Globalization of War, America’s Long War Against Humanity (2015). He maintains in this interview, as he has online, that Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, the coloured revolutions, the World Social Forum, and other supposedly revolutionary activities are drawing funding from elites through tax-free foundations. Chossudovsky explains the motivation behind such financing and the impacts it’s having.



Length (59:08)

Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

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