Officials Perform Autopsy on Prince, But Not Scalia

Kit Daniels | 22 April 2016

Unlike the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, officials are performing an autopsy on Prince.


It’s revealing how officials and the media are demanding to know what killed Prince, yet they never bothered to ask how exactly Scalia died, even though the justice’s demise left American politics with an uncertain future.

“An autopsy is scheduled to be performed Friday on the body of seven-time Grammy winner Prince, but the results of the autopsy will not be made public for days or even weeks,” Fox News reported.

But if officials are willing to perform an autopsy on Prince, there’s no reason why they couldn’t on Scalia.

In fact, Scalia deserved an autopsy even more than Prince: not only was he was found dead at a resort linked to the Bohemian Grove during Valentine weekend, but Scalia was often the lone justice blocking globalist legislation with his deciding vote.

“Unlike elected politicians who are bought-and-paid-for by special interests, judges, especially life-serving Supreme Court justices, not only interpret existing law but often make decisions that become rooted in case law, and those decisions can affect every man, woman, and child in the United States,” journalist Wayne Madsen pointed out.

It isn’t a stretch to suggest that foul play was involved in Scalia’s death – and the lack of an autopsy indicates both foul play and a cover-up.

“…Even dead Mexican migrants found in the desert received better treatment than Scalia,” Madsen continued. “One such death last year not only involved an autopsy but the area where the migrant’s body was found was secured as a potential crime scene.”

“[Former Presidio Co. Deputy] Melendez said that sudden or unattended deaths like that of Scalia are always treated as homicides until deemed otherwise from collected evidence, including, at a minimum, an eyes-on inquest. Scalia’s family requested that no autopsy be performed but Texas law requires a legitimate medical inquest, which was not conducted in Scalia’s case.”


9 thoughts on “Officials Perform Autopsy on Prince, But Not Scalia

  1. “It isn’t a stretch to suggest that foul play was involved in Scalia’s death – and the lack of an autopsy indicates both foul play and a cover-up.” Sorry, it’s a HUGE stretch. Obese, diabetic, history of severe heart disease and hypertension. Most doctors could have diagnosed Scalia from a photo, so there’s no point in an autopsy. He was living precariously, and both his doctor and his family knew it. He just didn’t want to share his health history publicly.

    • LOL … so he had “history of severe heart disease and hypertension” but “just didn’t want to share his health history publicly” … so we know his health history; but we don’t know his health history ?!? That’s gold! What else you got genius?

      • Apparently you never read any of the hundreds of news stories that came out after his death where his pre-existing conditions were revealed.
        No one is forced to reveal their health history publicly while they are alive, including those in government. The current law specifying this is called HIPAA.

      • Indeed “apparently ” he was “living precariously” … Evidently, the only thing “living precariously” is your “credibility”. But please feel free to continue. This is fun …

      • It’s right in the article I linked to. A 79 year-old person with that long list, (also including COPD and arthritis, which adds to a list of medications that can interract) who is also still smoking, it’s a dangerous combination of factors.

        I don’t care if you think I’m credible. You’re suggesting his own doctor’s opinion isn’t credible. I don’t think you have the credential to back that up.

      • Yes thank you I have the internet too and I have also heard of google.

        Another gem of yours “Most doctors could have diagnosed Scalia from a photo, so there’s no point in an autopsy”.

        Firstly – any doctor who diagnoses someone from a photo – in NOT a doctor … an internet troll perhaps; a troglodyte dwelling in his moma’s basement – almost certainly. Furthermore, a doctor diagnosing a dead person is clearly too late … or – NOT a doctor !!

        Please continue; this has been instructive.

      • I didn’t say I was a doctor, and I pity your inability to identify hyperbole, considering your demonstrated preference for conspiracy theory over fact.

        I notice as soon as I provided a reliable source contradicting your “theory” about Scalia, you began reaching for insults and getting sarcastic. Maybe that works in your circle, or helps to preserve your wounded ego. It’s not a game I care to pursue.

      • Oh listen to you … Sooo articulate … Hey guess what genius? This could’ve all been resolved with the standard post-mortem examination to establish the so-called”facts”. Without it – we have no “facts”. Instead we have non-doctors diagnosing dead people using photographs! LOL !! Who needs facts? You certainly don’t.

        I dare you to stop commenting (I hope you don’t) … I bet you can’t … it’s in your troll DNA …

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