Establishment media spin trying to steer the narrative re: ISIS

Atlas Monitor | 18 April 2016

When the Necessary Is Impossible was the title for a recent article by New York Times op-ed columnist Thomas L. Friedman. It exposes Friedman’s gloriously Homer Simpson-like understanding of the problems plaguing Iraq at the moment.

Of course he knows better than the article lets on. Friedman is many things but stupid, I suspect, ain’t one of them. It reads like a commissioned spin piece to steer the narrative on Washington’s foreign policy issues which are at best inept and at worse nefarious.

He claims an ephinany; a prophetic awakening has allowed him to put his ‘finger on the central question bedeviling U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East today …’ He asks

What do you do when the necessary is impossible, but the impossible is impossible to ignore — and your key allies are also impossible?

He sounds a bit like Donald Rumsfeld, with his known-unknowns; unkown-knowns; and unkown-unkowns, trying desperately to spin the “fog of war” line to explain an historical peak in Washington’s crimes against humanity using jibber-jabber nonsense.

According to Friedman getting rid of ISIS won’t do much to solve the sectarian violence in Iraq because Sunnis and Shiites refuse to share power. He also notes that Turkey and specifically President Erdogan is a problem as if this is some kind of revelation – and you heard it here first.

He cites the ‘wise governor of Kirkuk Province’ who he claims told him that Iraq could be worse after ISIS is defeated. Apparently something else will simply replace ISIS so long as the power struggle for regional hegemony between Saudi Arabia and Iran persists.

This article ignores the fact that the US and its co-conspirators enabled and facilitated the rise of ISIS and are using it as a proxy army for the deliberate destabilization of Iraq and the attempted regime change in Syria.

Aug 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency Report (DIA) exposing US covert agenda

The US et al have been playing Sunnis and Shiites off against each other for too long. Friedman didn’t mention the fact that militia’s backed by the CIA are now fighting gangs backed by the Pentagon! You couldn’t make this up.

To be clear – the US is NOT fighting against ISIS in any meaningful way. In point of fact the US and her regional allies not only predicted but also fully enabled and faciliated the rise of ISIS. We have  US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document and the Defence Intelligence Agency chief’s testimony (see below) to prove this – beyond doubt.


And if one really wanted a solution to this specific ISIS problem one would have achieved that by sealing the Syrian border with Turkey. It really was that simple.

The Friedman article demonstrates the extent to which the establishment is clutching at straws in  an effort to contol the narrative on ISIS as well as the situation in Iraq and the Syrian crisis.

One could not think of a more obtuse character to roll out as a spokesman with the exception of perhaps David Rothkopf.

Friedman is a Zionist neocon warmonger and establishment propagandist. He supported the war in Iraq and Yugoslavia – both of which were illegal under international law and sold to the world with absurd lies.

He also defends Israel’s crimes against Palestinians; loves globalization and believes countries ought to surrender sovereignty to transnational mega-corporations.

Of course he is an establishment media mercenary and as Glenn Greenwald succintly put it:

[Friedman’s] status among American elites is the single most potent fact for understanding the nation’s imperial decline.



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