Obama, Biden and Yellen meeting portends imminent disaster: Clinton “insider”

Atlas Monitor | 16 April 2016

The “closed” 11 April meeting between President Obama, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Vice-president Joe Biden was in contravention of national security protocols according to Clinton insider Larry Nichols .

obama yellen 2_0.jpg

Nichols says that these three are prohibited from being in the same room together away from the Capitol’s security (see video below at 9:10).

The meeting was called for under “expedited procedures” which suggests a sense of urgency as well as the hint of an emergency or crisis.

Reuters reports that:

The Fed has signaled it will exercise caution on interest rate increases because of concerns over the global economy, after implementing its first rate rise in almost a decade in December

Nichols suggests that the discussion was about an impending financial collapse and the consequential civil unrest that is speculated to ensue as well as the declaration of martial law by the US government in response to the crisis.

Ostensibly the meeting is over the issue of an intetrest rate hike which the fed has signalled it is approaching with some caution. In a surprise move it was announced that VP Joe Biden was also to attend. According to an official statement reported by Reuters:

In the afternoon, the president will meet with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to discuss the state of the American and global economy, Wall Street reform, and the long-term economic outlook; the vice president will also attend.


Investor Peter Schiff notes that the Federal Reserve is in a bind where it is struggling to reconcile leaving interest rates at historic lows while maintaining the view that the US economy and broader global economy are improving.

Logically, if the economy is in good shape then interest rates should rise. However, it is believed by some including Schiff that an interest rate hike would pop the mother of all debt bubbles created by the Fed’s quantitative easing policy of easy money which has in turn fed the biggest stock market bubble in history.

If what Nichols says about national security protocols is true then this meeting could  portend an imminent crisis.




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