The truth about cancer

Atlas Monitor | 14 April 2016

The medical profession has become the lapdog of the pharmaceutical industry which defines disease as a market place from which massive profits are generated. This is according to a new nine part online documentary series by film maker Ty Bollinger.

The documentary, The truth about cancer: a global quest, describes “Big Pharma” as an investment industry built on the business model of disease and survives on the continuation of current diseases and the launching of new ones.

This industry fights a propaganda war to give the impression that it is making progress with the eradication of disease.

It also benefitted from the intervention of the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations to secure a monopoly by eliminating competition such as naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic therapy and eclectic herbal medicine.


Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller

The first episode in this documentary series entitled The true history of chemotherapy & the pharmaceutical industry monopoly, notes that the most insidious aspect to conventional cancer therapy such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy is that agents which cause cancer are being used to treat cancer. Tamoxifen, used for the treatment of breast cancer, is classed as ‘group 1 carcinogen to humans’ by the American Cancer Society; the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization.

97% of patients that receive chemotherapy die within five years according to a study published in a 2004 edition of the journal of oncology done by epidemiologists who themselves were doctors. There is a 2.1% survival rate according to the medical literature.

The documentary suggests that the reason for this is that chemotherapy enriches cancer stem cells which are the “mother” cells that produce the “daughter” cells that spread around the host. Chemotherapy at best goes after these daughter cells; many of which are not necessarily malignant.

So although chemotherapy may ostensibly “shrink” the tumour, it does nothing to weaken it. Ultimately chemotherapy destroys your immune system; causes secondary cancers and makes stem cells more aggressive. Chemotherapy causes enormous collateral damage.

Dr Mathias Rath, the founder of the Netherlands based Dr Rath Research Institute, says the pharmaceutical industry ‘is an unethical deceptive business … every scientist knows it’s a huge fraud’.

Dr Russell Blaylock goes into detail about how this “deception” works. Blaylock has noted the increasing incidence of ghost written medical articles promoting drugs appearing in medical journals. These articles are written by Big Pharma’s PR minions who then convince prominent doctors to put their names to these articles on the promise that they will appear in prestige journals thereby enhancing the doctor’s profile.

According to the FDA’s own data every year there are 2 million serious adverse reactions to properly prescribed and administered pharmaceutical drugs; including over 100,000 deaths in America. It is estimated that barely over one percent of all adverse reactions are reported.

The Big Pharma industry has worked aggressively to demonize and ultimately take down any alternatives to their allopathic model of “health care” which treats the symptoms rather than addressing the cause of illness.

Individuals who pioneered innovative cancer treatments such as microbiologist Royal Rife as well as Harry Hoxsey were persecuted. Rife had his equipment and inventory destroyed by the AMA and Hoxsey was jailed all because they “went off the reservation”.


Evening Tribune front page story reporting on Royal Rife’s successful cancer therapy

However, cancer survivors featured in the documentary are crediting the regimen prescribed by Hoxsey as having saved their lives.

In 1987 a US federal judge presiding over the Wilk v AMA case, which involved a group of chiropractors, found the American Medical Assciation (AMA) guilty of conspiracy to attempt to destroy chiropractic. Judge Getzendanner found that during the 1960s and 1970s the AMA had embarked on a sophisticated propaganda campaign to discredit chiropractic.

The historical legacy of the pharmaceutical industry can be traced back to World War II. During the Nuremberg trials it was revealed that the chemical cartel IG Farben, which included pharmaceutical companies such Bayer, BASF and Hoechst, commissioned the construction of Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps as a source of slave labour for this chemical conglomerate.


Henrich Mückter, the lead doctor in the development of Thalidomide, was a doctor in the Nazi regime who experimented with Typhus vaccinations on people in occupied Poland. Charged with war crimes he managed to escape to Germany where he landed a senior position at Grünenthal (the manufacturer of Thalidomide) alongside other Nazi war criminals including Otto Ambros, a convicted and jailed mass murderer at Auschwitz, who served as the company’s chairman of the board.

In a bitter irony the documentary notes that the spirit of this cartel still survives today and the death toll from its nefarious activities continues to rise under the guise of “evidence based medicine” and corporate respectability.

Perhaps some day the modern era Big Pharma will be put on trial. Only time will tell.

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