Will the U.S. prevent Britain from exiting the European Union?

ECN | 14 March 2016

The United States government is asserting its influence into the internal affairs of a country and a region…once again.

President Obama is scheduled to visit Great Britain next month to lobby against the United Kingdom from making an exit from the European Union. This is also known as the “Brexit,” which would harm the eurozone economy quite considerably, critics say.

This summer, there will be a referendum for British voters to either vote to stay in the EU or make a Brexit. This would be the first time in a few decades that British voters have had the chance to leave the European agreement.

However, just like what’s unfolding in Ukraine right now (SEE: An American as Next Ukrainian Prime Minister?), the U.S. may prevent that from happening. Insiders in Prime Minister David Cameron’s administration say the president will make a stop in London to tell voters to stay in the EU. It isn’t a secret that the president wants the UK to remain in the EU.

Here is what Obama said last summer:

“Having the United Kingdom in the European Union gives us much greater confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union. [It] is part of the cornerstone of institutions built after World War Two that has made the world safer and prosperous … We want to make sure that the United Kingdom continues to have that influence.”

But having the U.S. meddle into the internal affairs of another country is infuriating some British lawmakers. Conservative Member of Parliament Steve Baker chastized the U.S. president for his attempted intervention.

“Whenever a U.S. president intervenes in our constitutional future, I always reread the U.S. Declaration of Independence. We will solve peacefully at the ballot box the problem for which their nation fought a bloody war of insurrection,” said Baker. “I will take lessons from the U.S. president when the U.S. accepts a supreme court over its own, and free movement from Canada to Central America – but God bless America!”

The latest polls suggest that the referendum will result in a Brexit. You may be wondering why Great Britain wants to leave the EU. Cameron hasn’t said exactly why, but observers say it’s due to economic governance, excessive regulations, vast immigration and, most important of all, sovereignty.


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