A look at who is supporting Bernie Sanders

Economic Collapse News | 3 Feb 2016

Last year, Bernie Sanders, despite his constant condemnation of money in politics, raised $73 million, compared to Hillary Clinton’s $113 million.

But who is exactly supporting Sanders’s campaign for the White House? OpenSecrts.org has released a list of top industries and campaign donors in support of Sanders (using data from the Federal Election Commission).

It’s exactly who you’d think would adore the idea of big government: professionals in education, professionals in law, professionals in healthcare. These are the very people who personally benefit from greater government. Educators get more money for heading up government indoctrination centers and worker-training programs. Lawyers benefit from more laws on the books. Healthcare workers benefit from an enhanced government presence in the medical care system.

The first chart represents industries:

sanders 1

The second chart represents contributors:

sanders 2The latest polls show that Sanders is leading in New Hampshire, but losing everywhere else. For instance, in South Carolina, Clinton is leading by 30 points, and nationally she is up by at least 10 points.


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