Watch: Hillary Clinton supporters endorse Karl Marx as running mate

Economic Collapse News | 2 Feb 2016

Are American voters just big time communists or are they clueless?

That’s what some are wondering after Mark Dice released a new video showing Hillary Clinton supporters endorsing the idea of Karl Marx (SEE: ‘The Truth About Karl Marx’  – A man of hate, extravagance and privilege), as her running mate/vice president.

Whether it’s ignorance or actual love affairs with communism, Americans should be scared. Karl Marx, one of the most celebrated minds in history (what a terrifying thought), has been dead for many, many years. Yet, they think he’d be a great pick for her running mate. Huh?

This isn’t just an isolated incident either. Dice recorded a similar video (SEE: Scary: Americans want Karl Marx as next U.S. president (video)) in which he interviewed people on the street supporting the idea of Marx as president of the United States.

But then again, isn’t having someone dead sitting in the Oval Office better than having any of the 2016 candidates run the show? Just some food for thought.

The video is embedded below:

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